How to Make Money by Cooking and Baking

Fill your kitchen cupboards with all the basic ingredients ; then add extra ingredients, when you decide what type of food product you are going to sell. Make sure you have measuring cups, spoons and liquor measuring items. Plan to cook when you are not distracted, or when the children are at school and the husband is away.

It is imperative to be financially prepared for these types of businesses, because as a cook or chef, you will probably buy most of the food yourself. When you go to the supermarket check out all the prices of the food you buy and make sure to figure that amount into what you sell. Carefully identify what items are going to be expensive to purchase and plan ahead to charge customers up-front for any food purchase.

You can make money by running a candy store in the neighborhood, even invent your own type of candy. Candy and ice cream treats will never go out of style, so you can run a small candy store or ice cream shop right in your own community. There is chocolate candy, hard candy, lollipops, popcorn balls, ice cream treats, and even homemade popsicles.

Cookies, cakes, breads, pies, and muffins are tasteful delights for kids and adults. Start a bakery or a homemaker's cooperative with sweet cookies, warm, moist pound cakes, luscious cheesecakes and other homemade pastries. Begin a catering service and design beautiful wedding cakes or other scrumptious items. Get together with friends, neighbors or family and put together cookbooks and calendars with your favorite recipes included.

Operate a home meal delivery service. This is a fantastic way to help senior citizens or people who are disabled. You can also try delivering hungry-man lunches to business workplaces in the afternoon. There are many recipes you can collect from your own cookbooks or go online to a great food site at, where there are hundreds of enjoyable recipes you can try out.

Food for profit ideas include: Operating a homemade soup shop, hot-dog stand, casseroles for home delivery, pizza shop, health food specialties for diabetics and others on a special diet, a gourmet juice/tea shop, traditional treats for the holidays, cupcake bakery or a box-lunch service for business offices. Begin small by selling to your friends, neighbors and family in order to get valuable opinions on how your food really tastes. Listen well to their comments and suggestions.

Check out the zoning laws and other licenses for creating and selling food products at your local regional economic development center. Or go online to the Small Business Development Center at for more information about food businesses. Additionally, search for wholesale distributors to find out where you can cheaply purchase some of your food products and kitchen items, while taking advantage of wholesale distributors like Sam's Club.

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